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Organic Müesli

With the approval of the family of Birchermüesli inventor Dr. Maximilian Bircher-Benner, the first organic Birchermüesli was produced in 1959 in Sachseln under the “familia” brand name. All familia-bio müesli incorporates the philosophy of Dr. Bircher-Benner and conforms to the high quality standards of the Bio Bud label. 
What exactly does organic mean?
Organic means that the crops are grown naturally without the use of artificial or chemical substances. This means that the land is not over-exploited. It is a sustainable form of production. However, the consequence of organic farming is that it is not as profitable, therefore the prices are higher. Living life to the full, getting maximum enjoyment from what we eat.
The ingredients in this müesli are guaranteed organic. The ingredients have been certified by the organic control authorities and the product carries the bud label.




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