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Crunchy mini pancakes

Crunchy mini pancakes Image © Betty Bossi

Preparation time: approx. 40 minutes
Makes approx. 16 pancakes


1 mango, cut into cubes

1 organic lemon, a bit of lemon zest

1 tbsp icing sugar

150 g flour

60 familia crunchy müesli (e.g. Knusper Crunch)

2 tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

150 ml plain buttermilk

20 g butter, melted, cooled

1 fresh egg

Clarified butter for baking

180 g Dessert Extrafin (soured milk)

4 tbsp familia crunchy müesli (e.g. Knusper Crunch)


  1. Combine the mango cubes, lemon zest and icing sugar, and put the mixture to the side.
  2. Combine flour and all of the other ingredients up to and including salt in a bowl. Mix the buttermilk, butter and egg, pour into the flour mixture, and stir until it forms a smooth batter.
  3. Heat a bit of clarified butter in a nonstick frying pan. Lower the heat, pour enough batter into the pan to create 5 cm pancakes. When the bottom of the pancake is cooked through, it will come away from the pan easily. Flip the pancakes, cook them through, and then cover them to keep them warm. Prepare the rest of the pancakes.
  4. Mix the soured milk with the mango mixture that was set aside, use the mixture to top the pancakes and sprinkle crunchy müesli on top.

Nutrition facts per portion

470 kcal

Fat 19 g

Carbohydrates 61 g

Protein 11 g