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Crunchy berry salad

Crunchy berry salad Image © Betty Bossi

Preparation time: approx. 25 minutes


500 g strawberries, sliced

300 g mixed berries (e.g. blackberries and currants)

2 tsp clear honey

2 tsp lime juice

½ tsp ground organic vanilla bean pods

80 g familia crunchy müesli (e.g. pure balance Almonds & Honey)

1 tbsp chia seeds, toasted

Peppermint leaves


  1. Distribute the strawberries on the plates, top with the mixed berries.
  2. Combine the honey, lime juice and vanilla and drizzle over the berries. Top with the crunchy müesli, chia seeds and peppermint leaves.

Nutrition facts per portion

221 kcal

Fat 6 g

Carbohydrates 36 g

Protein 5 g