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Beet and blackberry Müesli

Beet and blackberry müesli

Preparation time: around 20 minutes
Makes 4


2 cups familia Bio Birchermüesli Original with no added sugar

12/3 cups beet juice

11/3 cups blackberries, coarsely chopped

4 tbsp liquid honey

11/3 cups cooked beets, diced

1 cup blackberries


  • Mix familia Bio Birchermüesli Original with beet juice, blackberries and honey. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, serve. Garnish with diced beets and blackberries.


  • Spice up müesli with a dollop of mascarpone
  • Garnish müesli with chopped ginger
  • Use grated coconut as topping
  • Serve with pomegranate seeds