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History / milestones

bio-familia AG milestones


Bifidus activ Granola
With the launch of Bifidus activ Granola – the first probiotic muesli in the Swiss market – bio-familia heralds a new era in the muesli world in early 2024! The ideal combination of active Bifidus cultures, carefully selected dietary fibers, and a low sugar content promote our holistic well-being as well as our mental balance.



High Protein low sugar
Just one year after the launch of the new ‘High Protein low sugar’ crunchy müesli range, the story continues. The combination of low sugar and high protein is not just popular with gym junkies and health nuts! Allow us to introduce our new variety with fruity strawberries and a hint of vanilla – the ideal addition to our popular classic with “almond vanilla”.



Kids Crunch
We proudly launch the new kids line Kids Crunch, available in the varieties chocolate and cinnamon. Both products contain only 12% of sugar, more than 70% whole grain, they are rich in fibre and completely organic. A tasty experience for young and old!



Bio Coop Naturaplan pure balance
We’re breaking new ground for organic food with Pure Balance Ancient Grains & Apple. Our latest creation contains ancient grains of Swiss origin – emmer, perennial rye and einkorn – to which we’ve added tasty apple pieces and hazelnuts.



Launch of a new functional subbrand “familia High Protein low sugar” with almonds and vanilla. The name says it all: The vegan novelty has 23% protein and only 5% sugar – all of this without any artificial sweeteners!



Launch of a new generation of functional granolas with flakes, addressing key-nutrition related health aspirations!
While Mindful with the many nuts and seeds as well as iron and omega-3 fatty acids is full of brain food, Youthful is made up of plenty beauty ingredients such as pomegranate kernels, ber-ries, cocoa, vitamin D and zinc.



For the first time, you can now get large packs of familia at a special price! The vegan Crunchy Müesli Oat & Spelt contains a high percentage of wholegrain and has a fine, sweet grain taste. It fits per-fectly into our high-quality product range.



Launch of our latest edition of the c.m.plus family! The familia c.m.plus Choco & Protein crunchy Müesli combines all the advantages of the c.m.plus Original including an addition of valuable vegetable proteins and the finest Swiss chocolate - Mhhh!



Launch of the first functional organic granolas "familia Bio Knusper Superseeds & Honey" and "familia Bio Knusper Protein Choco". The new organic Granolas combine delicious taste, health and sustainabilty all in one! At the same time delisting of "Bio Müesli Erdbeere Hagebutte" and "Bio Müesli Apfel Rüebli".



Launch of familia Family Crunch Honey with 40 % less sugar. Fun with Müesli for kids and the whole family.



Launch of the new familia Nature Crunch Ancient Grains with only 1.5% natural sugar. Perfect for mixing your favourite Müesli.



Exchange of familia Simply Limited Edition Passionfruit-Mango with new, exotic familia Simply Limited Edition Pineapple.



Forty years and counting: familia Champion, a Swiss Müesli for boosting performance, is continuing its success story with a new look and a brand new variety, familia Champion High Protein.



Replacement of the familia Simply apricot limited edition with the new, exotic familia Simply passion fruit-mango.



Expansion of the familia organic range to include two surprising new additions made with high-quality, Knospe-certified organic ingredients: Bio Müesli Apple Carrot and Bio Müesli Strawberry Rosehip.



Construction and expansion of the factory outlet.



Launch of familia Simply – simple, naturally delicious müesli.



aunch of the new familia c.m.plus hazelnut variety. Healthy energy with 50% less sugar, 11 vitamins, calcium and magnesium – perfect for people on the go.



Launch of familia granola cups.



Launch of the familia organic range with three delicious müesli varieties.



Launch of familia pure balance Ancient Grains & Apples. Granola with ancient grains and juicy apple chunks. It contains sprouted seeds and grains, which contribute valuable vitamins and minerals.



Launch of familia fit crisp low carb. A granola variety with tangy blackberries and light yoghurt flakes. Contains 30% less carbohydrate, 40% less sugar and more protein for an even lighter product.



Launch of familia Choco Crunch. A unique müesli with crunchy chunks covered in the finest Swiss chocolate.



Launch of the first fresh familia Bircher müesli. Consumers can now enjoy familia on the go.



Launch of familia pure balance Almonds & Honey. It contains a large amount of beta glucans extracted from oats, which can contribute to lower cholesterol levels. A luxury granola with whole toasted almonds and golden honey.



100% naturemade star eco-energy from the local water power plants in Sachseln and Sarnen.



Launch of familia Swiss PopCrunch. A unique combination of popcorn, wholegrain oats, amaranth, gianduia and honey.



Launch of familia body balance Blueberries & Pecans, the first sugar-free granola. It contains valuable dietary fibre from whole grains and fruit to support the digestive system and improve well being.



Launch of familia c.m.plus with forest fruits. A new variety of c.m.plus Original, Switzerland’s favourite granola. It contains calcium, magnesium and 11 vitamins for active people.



familia organic Bircher müesli and organic house müesli are sold in climate-neutral packaging for the first time.



Launch of familia Champion müesli and granola with new recipes and a revamped package design: do more naturally.



bio-familia saves 50,000 litres of heating oil and receives a refund for its CO2 reduction from the federal government.



Launch of familia fit crisp with a new, lighter recipe.



Opening of the factory expansion and commissioning of the third conveyor furnace.



Acquisition of the Top Cup business.



bio-familia AG celebrates its 50th brand anniversary.



Start of production with eco-energy from the local water power plant in Sachseln. The pioneering work of bio-familia is rewarded with the ‘naturemade star’ certificate.



Launch of the first functional müesli, familia BodyBalance Figs & Plums, based on a home-made recipe to improve digestive function.



Award from major retailer Coop in recognition of the pioneering achievements of bio-familia AG in Coop’s organic line.



Launch of familia fit crisp, the first granola with only 5% fat. The product wins the Swiss Marketing Trophy.



The company responds to its rapid growth by investing in a new building: a new factory with a second conveyor furnace. The extrusion department is relocated and optimised.



Launch of the second functional food product, familia a.c.e.balance, which contains vitamins A, C, E and inulin to strengthen the immune system.



Certification to the international food standard BRC.



Launch of the world's first functional food müesli, familia c.m.plus, which contains calcium and magnesium to strengthen bones.



The factory outlet opens. bio-familia launches its initiative ‘Guets us Obwalde’, which sells lovingly hand-made, traditional specialities from the region.



Launch of familia Jungle Crunch – a new strategic pillar in the market for children’s products (appealingly shaped cereals). ISO 9001 certification.



Investments in the bakery. Installation of a conveyor furnace to help cover the rising demand for granola products.



Environmental progress: the double packaging (folding box with plastic bag) for organic products is replaced by attractive, environmentally friendly, transparent bags with a clip.



Launch of the extrusion technology: a great way of making the products even lighter and airier. They are also low in fat, high in fibre and easily digestible.



Launch of the familia Champion range, wholesome products for athletes. It becomes the daily breakfast of various national teams, such as SwissSki, SwissAthletics, SwissCycling, SwissVolley, etc.



Somalon AG becomes bio-familia AG.



Launch of familia granola in response to the US trend towards tasty, crunchy products.



First exports to Germany, the US, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands.



Launch of familia organic Bircher müesli in Switzerland. First exports to Germany, the US, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands follow in 1960.



Georg and Anny Hipp-Metzner establish Somalon AG, later to become bio-familia AG. It is the beginning of a long success story…