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Our vision and values

We make the world’s best müesli with unparalleled Swiss workmanship and a drive for innovation.


The creative spirit of the company founders still inspires the work of bio-familia. Combined with absolute openness and a strong focus on customer service, this creates an outstanding environment for innovation.

Peter Odermatt, CEO


What makes bio-familia great

  • A truly innovative company
  • Committed to corporate responsibility
  • Swiss workmanship you can trust
  • Dedicated to our customers

The bio-familia vision & values

bio-familia AG is guided by a vision: making the best müesli in the world with unparalleled Swiss workmanship, innovation and outstanding commitment. familia is the epitome of genuine Swiss müesli, delivered all over the world.

The success of bio-familia AG relies on the common corporate values, mutual trust and long-standing partnerships between our highly skilled, motivated employees and our customers and suppliers.