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Environment and quality

Investing in our environment means investing in the future.

As a pioneer of organic products, bio-familia has always been committed to using natural resources sustainably. Reducing our CO2 emissions continuously is a central aspect of this commitment.


We are taking numerous small steps toward our vision of becoming a climate-positive company.

After all, our consumers enjoy world-class müesli produced in responsible, environmentally friendly conditions.
You can find out more about our environmental commitment here.

Quality management

Quality and safety you can trust and enjoy.

Every day, we work hard to meet the requirements of our customers and the law, ensure process safety and improve on a continuous basis. These are among our core principles. In other words, our management system plays a crucial role in ensuring our long-term success.

bio-familia AG was one of the first Swiss companies to receive the BRC food standard certification in 1998. In 2013, we replaced the BRC standard and the ISO 9001 certification with the globally used FSSC 22000 standard. This allows us to guarantee adherence to the latest quality standards and encourages the trust of our customers and consumers.

The following process security measures are a matter of course for us:


You can download some of our certificates here: